Dutch cheese is the new advertising

The new way of advertising is to have guts. I know, it is not a new thing to you. Advertising with guts has been here for a long time. Usually the best ads take a lot of courage from the client, because with guts there are always big risks involved. 

But I’m not talking about this kind of guts. I’m talking about the guts to say about a really lousy product, that it is s***.

Yes. “Our pencil is crap. But it looks cute” kind of guts.

You cannot say that you are the best, if everybody else knows, that there is somebody better out there.

Think about your clients.

The truth sells more than disappointed clients. Because clients are people like you and they have a facebook and twitter account. Even if your truth doesn’t sell as much as you expect, you will gain a lot of respect from the clients. And believe me, they will buy your pencil not because it’s crap, but because it looks cute.

I got this idea on my recent trip to the Netherlands. While I was walking on a local market in Utrecht, I noticed this beautiful cheese stand. When I had found the cheese with my name on it, I asked the farmer: “What’s the story with this cheese?”. He answered: “Cows go out on the field, they eat grass, they give us milk and we make cheese. That is the story.”

And that is the story. Always trust the people of the land and the taste of real cheese.

Matti Adoma

Do computers have sex?

Snurri Iphone

I know, this one begins like a TV Shop commercial, but I cannot resist.
"Have you EVER felt, that your computer is getting slower and sloooooweeeerrr?
Well WE have a SOLUTION for YOU!”

This is how it goes.

People learn to use computers for their benefit. At first they seem really fast. But the more we learn and use them, the more faster we get using the computer. And there will be always a point, where the computer doesn’t do what we expect, too slow. The reason is simple: We have mastered the instrument and pushed it to it’s limits.

The point is, that we don’t need faster computers. What we need is a computer that is able to learn. Learn from humans and evolve by themselves. This way we don’t have to think and develop them. That means, in the future people teach computers. Which eventually leads to a computer that is smarter than a human.
Let us think for a second. 
Maybe this time is already here. You don’t believe me?

Who do you ask the most if you want an answer?

Depends on the question of course. If you need to know the time you can ask pretty much anybody, right? If you need the wisdom of the elderly, you ask your parents and their parents. But if you need information, that is not common. For example, you need to know who is Snorri Sturluson.
Well, you already know where this is going.

You ask the computer. Because they are faster than books.

Yes, most of us ask the computer everyday. Not once, not twice.. as many times as the computers cannot have sex. Google knows. That means, the time where computers are smarter than people is already here. 
The computer knows a lot of stuff. Their network knows more, than all the people and animals in the world altogether. But what a computer doesn’t know is how to reproduce itself. Computers cannot have sex.
That raises an ethical question for us, humans. Do we help them to do that? Or do we stand up and say: “Well, this chips-coke-tv trip was fun, but I’m not a lazy bastard helping machines to take over the world. See you in the battlezone!”

That is the question everyone of us should ask themselves. Who is the capten of your ship? You or your iPhone? 
To be honest, I don’t even want to know how many of you answered iPhone to that question.

It is sad but true. The future is now.

PS! I asked my computer once, while writing this.

Matti Adoma

Success vs Failure


I’m always fascinated how everything has at least two sides. When I forgot about it, I became focused only on one side. I got so focused, that I forgot about the other sides existence completely.

First I felt blind and eventually trapped. Not a nice feeling at all.

There is of course nothing bad in being focused on one thing, because eventually that means success.

The problem arises, when you have worked and focused really hard on one thing, but you fail succeeding in it. That means you either have forgotten everything else around your side or you just focused on the wrong side. The wrong side usually belongs to somebody else and there is room for only one. We all know what happens when one country wants to take the other one over. War.

So how do I know which side is my side?

I used to think that my side has to be very different from everybody else’s side. This lead me to an endless search for my side, just to find myself trapped and blind. Sometimes it feels like there is no way out of it. But trust me, there is. As we all know the other side of searching is finding. You will not start searching, if you aren’t looking for something. The trick of finding something, lies in the understanding of what do you want to find. It is not about the search nor the finding. It is about the something.

I give you an example about the two sides of capitalism.

. Capitalism is about being happy, while making money to survive.
. Capitalism is about making money to survive and trying to be happy while doing it.

Well, the question here is not about if either of those two sides are true or not, because they both are.

The real question is on which side do you want to be?

Because by know, we all know that money does not equal happiness. The true happiness starts with the knowledge of where your side is at the moment.

Yes, at the moment. There is a small thing you need to realize about the law of sides. In order to change and grow, we need to be able to take different sides, understand them. That’s what growing bigger means. Being aware of all the different sides around you and understanding them. Learning and studying how they work. Don’t get me wrong, taking somebody else’s side doesn’t always mean war. There is no conflict, when you know how to stick to your own side, while crossing borders. In order to do that, you have to learn tolerance and empathy. Share your knowledge and you will be rewarded with more knowledge.

If you want to be successful, you have to learn to fail.

Matti Adoma


Clouds walking earth

Creativity is a way of making something out of nothing.

Can we say, that advertising agencies and design studios sell nothing?

The answer of course, is “No”. And you are mistaken if you think, that creative agencies sell something, that is made out of nothing.


We sell the way.

The way to something never experienced before. Something that seems untouchable and unknown. And everybody likes it, because people are afraid of the unknown. Which is a word that characterizes nothing pretty well.

That’s how we walk on our path.

Matti Adoma

One way


I love signs. 

Not only do they guide us through the space we share, but they also reflect the time we live in. Just like the people from culture to culture are different. So are the signs.

That being said, it’s obvious that there are good signs and not so good signs. Signs that make you feel good and signs that make you run away.

Sometimes following a bad sign might lead you to the right place.
And what seems to be the right way, might take you to the dead end.

The point is that signs tell always the truth. Because thats what signs are designed for. But it is in your freedom to choose, which signs to look at.

Because signs guide you to people.

Matti Adoma

Life design


Now becomes the past and the future becomes now.
This means that we create the future now, based on the past experiences.
That’s why it is very important to have good memories from the past.
The more good memories you have now, the better your future will be.

Create yourself now.

Matti Adoma

Exit Pack

Exit Pack

Loops create the feeling of no exit. Finding your way out to change the path, seems impossible.

The truth is that there is no way out of loops. We just jump from one loop to another. Obviously it’s better for you to be in a less harmful loop in the long run. The bigger the loop, the longer the run. When it is better for you, it’s better for the people around you. When the people are better around you, you will be happier.

How do you switch the loops?

First of all you have to become aware of the destructive loop you live. When you know about the problem you can start solving the puzzle. There is no one way how to do it. Every way works, as long there is a good loop in the horizon.

There is only one thing you should remember. 

Nobody will ever know what is written in your notebook, but everybody can see you smoking cigarettes. 

Smoking your exit pack.

Matti Adoma