Exit Pack

Exit Pack

Loops create the feeling of no exit. Finding your way out to change the path, seems impossible.

The truth is that there is no way out of loops. We just jump from one loop to another. Obviously it’s better for you to be in a less harmful loop in the long run. The bigger the loop, the longer the run. When it is better for you, it’s better for the people around you. When the people are better around you, you will be happier.

How do you switch the loops?

First of all you have to become aware of the destructive loop you live. When you know about the problem you can start solving the puzzle. There is no one way how to do it. Every way works, as long there is a good loop in the horizon.

There is only one thing you should remember. 

Nobody will ever know what is written in your notebook, but everybody can see you smoking cigarettes. 

Smoking your exit pack.

Matti Adoma