Dutch cheese is the new advertising

The new way of advertising is to have guts. I know, it is not a new thing to you. Advertising with guts has been here for a long time. Usually the best ads take a lot of courage from the client, because with guts there are always big risks involved. 

But I’m not talking about this kind of guts. I’m talking about the guts to say about a really lousy product, that it is s***.

Yes. “Our pencil is crap. But it looks cute” kind of guts.

You cannot say that you are the best, if everybody else knows, that there is somebody better out there.

Think about your clients.

The truth sells more than disappointed clients. Because clients are people like you and they have a facebook and twitter account. Even if your truth doesn’t sell as much as you expect, you will gain a lot of respect from the clients. And believe me, they will buy your pencil not because it’s crap, but because it looks cute.

I got this idea on my recent trip to the Netherlands. While I was walking on a local market in Utrecht, I noticed this beautiful cheese stand. When I had found the cheese with my name on it, I asked the farmer: “What’s the story with this cheese?”. He answered: “Cows go out on the field, they eat grass, they give us milk and we make cheese. That is the story.”

And that is the story. Always trust the people of the land and the taste of real cheese.

Matti Adoma